Young face a bleak future in UK’s flawed jobs market

More than half of Britain’s graduates are in non-graduate jobs. Apprentice pay is pitifully low. The outlook is becoming truly disheartening

As the soggy end of summer makes way for autumn and a new academic year, it is traditionally a time for fresh starts and new hopes. Except with rising student debts and pitiful pay for apprentices, September has become a time for brave leaps in the dark.

When this year’s cohort of young adults embark on their studies, many will carry with them stories of older friends and siblings, long since graduated but still searching for decent work. Anecdotal evidence of graduates working in bars and as receptionists is well-known. Now it has been backed up by a damning report on the state of Britain’s jobs market. Researchers found that due to a mismatch between the number of university leavers and the jobs appropriate to their skills, more than half of the UK’s graduates are in non-graduate jobs. This is one of the highest rates in Europe.

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