Want To Control Drug Prices? Reject Price Controls!

The past year has seen an epic confrontation pitting insurers and payers against drug companies. In the process, Sovaldi and, more recently, once-a-day interferon-free, Harvoni—Gilead Sciences’ Hepatitis C (HCV) treatments—have become the new poster children for pharmaceutical companies’ profiteering off the sick. Priced at $84,000 and $94,500, respectively, the two HCV […]

Google Glass Got It Backwards

Now that the Google Glass prototype has been withdrawn from the market, the company has reportedly moved it from research into product development. Consumer fashion and retailing experts have been tasked with refining a look that some in the market labeled “Glasshole” and, according to critics of its marketing, left many more […]

Say Goodbye To Deion Sanders’ Charter School

“Neon” Deion “Prime Time” Sanders has been many things: pro football player, pro basketball player, TV commentator, reality-show star, Lifetime Network movie actor, live-tweeter of his own domestic troubles. But it appears he’ll have to cross one thing off of his list — charter-school operator. From the Dallas Morning News: […]