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Instead of new bank holidays for each of the nations of the UK to coincide with saints’ days (as proposed by Labour), why not make national elections a public holiday as in many other countries? This would help to make it as easy for many people in employment to vote, as it is for people who are retired or not in work. Alternatively, voting should take place at weekends, thereby avoiding disruption to schools. Improving turnout and making the voting process just as convenient for everyone would be a step towards a healthier democracy.
Chris Rennard
Liberal Democrat, House of Lords

• I hope the article on how the prime minister came to her decision to call an election while walking above Dolgellau (Report, 22 April) isn’t an indication of the treatment Wales can expect from the political parties and the media during this campaign and the subsequent parliament: it was written by your North of England correspondent.
Gruffydd Thomas
Bielefeld, Germany

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