10 Tuesday AM Reads

My SOTU morning train reads: • As States Legalize Marijuana, Investors See an Opportunity (New York Times) see also Record-High Support for Legalizing Marijuana Use in U.S. (Gallup) • How Apple Built a Chip Powerhouse to Threaten Qualcomm and Intel (Bloomberg) • Ikea has changed the way we think about furniture (Washington Post) • Few U.S. adults report bonuses, raises…

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Hyperledger releases Hyperledger Sawtooth 1.0, its second distributed ledger project

 Hyperledger, the open source blockchain project from the Linux Foundation, released Hyperledger Sawtooth 1.0, its latest open source digital ledger project. Sawtooth joins its sister project, Hyperledger Fabric which reached 1.0 in July last year. Among the features in this latest open source distributed ledger product is on-chain governance, which lets members adjust the rules on the fly… Read More

SAP snags CallidusCloud for $2.4 billion

 SAP, the German enterprise software giant, announced it acquired CallidusCloud last night for $2.4 billion or $36 per share. Callidus provides configure price quote (CPQ) and sales performance management tools delivered as a cloud service. The share price is a nice bump for shareholders, representing a 21 percent premium over the 30-day volume weighted average share price, according to SAP.… Read More