How Labour could lead the global economy out of the 20th century | George Monbiot

The rupture of 2008 presents a chance to throw out our iniquitous system that busts the planet – here are some ideas

We are still living in the long 20th century. We are stuck with its redundant technologies: the internal combustion engine, thermal power plants, factory farms. We are stuck with its redundant politics: unfair electoral systems, their capture by funders and lobbyists, the failure to temper representation with real participation.

And we are stuck with its redundant economics: neoliberalism, and the Keynesianism still proposed by its opponents. While the latter system worked very well for 30 years or more, it is hard to see how it can take us through this century, not least because the growth it seeks to sustain smacks headlong into the environmental crisis.

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Land value tax and community right to buy help to create what I call a politics of belonging

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