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Succinct Summation of the Week’s Events for 3.9.18

Succinct Summations for the week ending March 9th, 2018: Positives: 1. S&P 500, Dow and NASDAQ 100 all gain more than 3% on week; 2. Nonfarm payrolls rose 313k in February, well above the 205k expected 3. Labor participation rate rose from 62.7% to 63% — above the 62.7% expected. 4. Same store sales rose 3.8% y/o/y.…

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Empire strikes back: why former colonies don’t need Britain after Brexit | Griffith Review

British politics and culture feel nostalgic about the Commonwealth and hope to rekindle the old relationship. But the reality is not so simple

The countdown to leave the European Union began in the British summer of 2016, but nobody in the country seemed to know in which direction they were headed. Those who voted to leave don’t know what kind of future they would like; those who voted to stay don’t know what they can do to stop the process they are certain will create only misery. British politicians from the two major parties – Conservative and Labour – aren’t helping.

The Conservatives are led by a prime minister who voted to stay and seems reluctant to leave the EU; Labour is led by a man who never wanted the UK to join the EU, and must somehow convince voters who wish to remain that he can strike a better bargain.

Like a divorcee on the rebound, Britain is now desperately seeking to woo its old flame, the Commonwealth

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One of the major legacies of the British empire is a body of laws that curb civil liberties

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