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That 400,000 Romanians live in the UK is a tragedy for their homeland | Claudia Ciobanu

The corruption and poverty that encourage Romanians to migrate leave the country depleted of energy and hope

Romanians are now the second largest group of non-British nationals in the UK, following Poles. More than 400,000 Romanians live in the UK, more than double the number before 2014, when restrictions on the UK labour market lifted (seven years after Romania joined the European Union).

Nevertheless, in spite of these numbers, Romanians are not out to “flood” the UK. They are leaving their county in hordes, moving to wherever there is an opportunity. In Italy and Spain (Latin countries with similar languages), Romanians have been the largest group of non-nationals for a while.

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Global growth too dependent on cheap borrowing – OECD

Unemployment is set to fall to 40-year low, but economy remains weak, says thinktank

Unemployment will drop to its lowest level since 1980 across the world’s richest nations, but global growth remains dependent on cheap borrowing and government spending, the Organisation for Economic Cooperation & Development (OECD) has warned in its latest global economy health check.

The rise of tit-for-tat protectionist trade barriers, the return of volatile financial markets, and soaring oil prices also spell trouble for the global economy as it heads towards the 10-year anniversary of the 2008 banking collapse, the OECD said.

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Have the Biggest U.S. Banks Become Less Complex?

Have the Biggest U.S. Banks Become Less Complex? Linda S. Goldberg and April Meehl Liberty Street Economics, May 07, 2018         The global financial crisis, and the ensuing Dodd-Frank Act, identified size and complexity as determinants of banks’ systemic importance, increasing the potential risks to financial stability. While it’s known that big banks…

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