The reality of no-deal Brexit can no longer be distorted | William Keegan

‘Brussels’, Britain and Barnier have often been misrepresented – not least by our prime minister. Now the truth is coming out

It was characteristically shrewd of the European Union’s chief negotiator, Michel Barnier, to place an assessment of the real state of play in last weekend’s Sunday Telegraph.

It was in the Sunday Telegraph over the years that Boris Johnson, when he was based in Brussels, devoted his so-called reporting to consistently misleading stories about what our membership of the EU was really about.

When the deluded army of Brexiters goes on about the British people having spoken, I start counting the spoons

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Trump’s trade war with China creates unexpected winner: Canada’s lobster industry

Prices are at record levels and demand is growing for fishermen north of the border after China imposed tariffs on live lobsters

Long hours, rolling ocean swells, and the occasional spring snowstorm are all part of the job for Francis Morrissey.

“It’s bred into you from the time you’re a child: you either like the ocean or you don’t,” said the fisherman and business owner from the Canadian province of Prince Edward Island. “Even when I’m in the office, I wish I was out there.”

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