Globalisation as we know it will not survive Trump. And that’s a good thing | Larry Elliott

The markets are spooked, but we need a new world order which makes room for local solutions and the nation state

The significance of the trade war between China and the US goes well beyond the impact of tit-for-tat tariffs, or which of two self-styled strongmen wins the bragging rights. As was the case in the 1930s, the seemingly inexorable drift towards protectionism is part of a deeper crisis of the international status quo. When Beijing this week accused the US of “deliberately destroying the international order”, it was really saying that US hegemony will no longer go unchallenged. Globalisation as we have known it is coming to an end and that’s by no means unwelcome.

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China’s H-6K Heavy Bomber Could Soon Air-Launch Hypersonic Missiles For Pre-Emptive Attacks 

As an economic war deepens between China and the US, China Central Television (CCTV) said on Tuesday that the Xian H-6 heavy bomber could be armed with hypersonic missiles that can strike targets up to 1,864 miles away within minutes, reported Global Times.

Together with Chengdu J-20 fifth-generation stealth fighters, H-6Ks could deliver pre-emptive hypersonic missile attacks deep in enemy territory, military analysts said.

“In a war, our main objective is to launch attacks on an enemy’s deep and vital positions, paralyzing their facilities. This is what we especially excel at,” said H-6K pilot Li Ping via a CCTV report.

Wang Ya’nan, the chief editor of Aerospace Knowledge magazine, told Global Times that H-6Ks aren’t stealth bombers and cannot penetrate heavily armed aerospace; it’s the plane’s ability to air-launch cruise missiles that allows it to strike high-value targets deep in enemy territory.

“The H-6K can remain within a safe zone, launch its hypersonic missiles that can reach targets 2,000 kilometers [1,242 miles] away,” Ya’nan said, noting that these missiles are difficult to intercept due to their stealth capabilities.

“With China developing hypersonic weapons [missiles that fly at least five times the speed of sound] in recent years, its attack range and speed could become even greater than a conventional cruise missile, potentially capable of taking out targets deep within hostile territories 3,000 kilometers [1,864] away within just a few minutes,” Ya’nan predicted.

He said each H-6K could carry six hypersonic missiles, and with ten bombers, could attack 60 high-value targets at once.

During an attack, J-20s will defend H-6Ks so that they can effectively launch superfast missiles that will hit targets within minutes.

Hypersonic missiles are already being tested by the People’s Liberation Army, can travel over Mach 5 and evade the world’s most advanced missile defense shields.

CCTV said H-6Ks are undergoing constant war training exercises with fifth-generation stealth fighters.

The rapid advance of hypersonic technology in China has eroded America’s dominance over its rivals.

A dangerous new global paradigm of power being shifted from West to East has started. In other words, China is attempting to become the world’s next superpower, threatening the US, the status quo power, could ultimately end up in a shooting war.

The world is falling into Thucydides’s Trap: prepare for war.