CNN: Thou Shalt Have No Other Media Before Ours, Chinamen!

Authored by Tim Kirby via The Strategic Culture Foundation,

Donald Trump’s magical term “Fake News” absolutely hit the nail on the head in regards to the dismal behavior of the current Mainstream Media when they fabricate their product. But below Fake News there needs to be another subcategory of “Fake Outrage”. Meaning the news is presented factually and could be of value to the public, however the reaction within said news is hysterical and/or vastly overblown.

Take for example CNN’s rather detailed breakdown of how China is moving into the African media sphere. The information provided looks to be true but it is written to fill the Western reader with some sort of looming dread. The article ends on a perfect doomsday quote by a PhD candidate that they interviewed…

“In the trade off between letting go of some sovereignty and building a state-of-the-art telecommunications network, most African countries have chosen the latter,”

Apparently you can be horribly naive and biased while working towards a PhD and/or getting your next paycheck from CNN. The idea that modern Africa is completely independent and free as long as the Chinese stop sending phones and cable TV dishes to the continent is mental.

“Post colonial” France has 3,000 troops spread over 5 African nations covering from the very west of the continent to the Horn of Africa according to Business Insider. The Washington Post says that during the middle of Obama’s presidency the US had troops in at least 13 Sub-Saharan African nations. Obviously not all bases are pubic knowledge thus there are “at least” 13 bases. Free and independent nations are not smothered by foreign troops.

Sub-Saharan Africa is also plagued by massive government debts with roughly half the nations being in the red up to half of their national GDP according the Economist. This raises the question of whom are they indebted to? Of course it is lovely white faces at the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank not their neighbors. The African Development bank is a player, but behind their local looks they have many foreign (Western) partners. The West still has a financial stranglehold on Africa. Is this Africa’s own fault for having corrupt leaders that took out IMF loans they could never possibly repay? Yes it probably is, but it doesn’t matter how the debt was created, African is beholden to it, thus not very pure and independent.

CNN in their breakdown of Chinese expansion into the African info space also forgot to mention that media the world over is by default – American. It is false to portray poor Africa (which isn’t that poor anymore if you take a virtual trip through their cities via Google Maps) as this totally free media space filled only with some hapless local content that will be Crushed by Xi’s evil 10,000 Villages plan. If you travel the world and see a movie theatre it will have Hollywood movies guaranteed and translated American shows/movies will be on TV in hotel room guaranteed. The entire campy genre of Ugandan action movies (the only African-made movie you will probably ever see) is founded on imitating Hollywood.

To say that Africa is empty of media is mad, the author from CNN needs to be less dishonest or more self-reflective. Their real problem with China putting up TV-dishes in 10,000 villages and selling smartphones built for African realities (cheap, good battery life to survive long power outages, gearing phones to local languages) is that it is a threat to US/Western dominance of the continent. The Chinese Communists are doing Capitalism better than the West in Africa and at least subconsciously some people at CNN are spooked.

There is nothing wrong with an American news outlet saying that they want to keep the world’s eyes seeing history and events through a primarily American filter. There is nothing wrong with wanting America to step up its game in Africa to make sure hearts and minds are won over on a continent that has lots of lovely natural resources. It would be a normal healthy attitude to say something like “If the Chinese want to take Africa, then they’re going to have fight for it, right boys!?”. But somehow trying to make the Chinese look evil for attempting to make money selling products and services and gain soft power influence is Fake Outrage.

China is just trying to do the rational things that America was doing very well for decades after WWII – bringing their media technology to as many markets as possible to make sweet cash and get those all so important soft power victories. If you have a problem with the Chinese answering certain market demands in Africa then you should honestly advocate for giving them an economic fight for the territory. Many of the biggest tech companies in the world are from the West. If you want your info-colonies back so much then go out and win them over with good tech and great content. Don’t lie to the English-speaking speaking public implying Beijing is somehow that vastly inherently different from Washington and by its very nature doing evil.

CNN’s view is both racist and a perfect example of “Fake Outrage”.

16 Shot, 3 Dead At California Garlic Festival; Shooter Still At Large

“Who shoots up a garlic festival?” exclaimed one terrified attendee at the Gilroy Garlic Festival in Gilroy, California as she fled from an active shooter situation tonight.

NBC Bay Area News is reporting sources say 16 shot and 3 dead.

Santa Clara Valley Medical Center spokeswoman Joy Alexiou told ABC News that the hospital has received two victims from the shooting and expects three more. She had no information on their conditions.

The shooter is reportedly a white man in his 30s using an automatic weapon.

Festival-goer Evenny Reyes of Gilroy, 13, told the San Jose Mercury News she thought the gunshots were fireworks at first, but then she saw a man with a bandana wrapped around his leg because he got shot.

“And there were people on the ground, crying. There was a little kid hurt on the ground. People were throwing tables and cutting fences to get out.”

The Gilroy Garlic Festival started in 1979 and Sunday was the final day of event, according to the festival website.

Live Feed from NBC Bay Area:

President Trump has tweeted that he is aware of the situation:



Russia And China Display Strategic Coordination In Asia-Pacific

Authored by M.K.Bhadrakumar via The Indian Punchline blog,

An exciting new template has appeared in the geopolitics of the Asia-Pacific last week when Russia’s Aerospace Force and China’s Air Force carried out their first-ever joint air patrol in the region.

Steadily and imperceptibly but profoundly, the regional alignments are transforming. Russia and China routinely claim that their entente is neither a military alliance nor is directed against any third country. Yet, the alchemy of that relationship is undergoing a huge transformation, stemming out of a conscious decision by their top leaderships. 

The so-called joint patrol last Tuesday involved Russia’s Tu-95MS strategic bombers and the H-6K aircraft on China’s part. The Tupolov Tu-95MS (which NATO calls the ‘Bear’) is a is a large, four-engine turboprop-powered strategic bomber and missile platform to carry the new Russian Kh-101/102 stealth cruise missile, which uses use radio-radar equipment and target-acquiring/navigation system based on GLONASS. The ‘Bear’ used to be a veritable icon of the Cold War as it performed a maritime surveillance and targeting mission for other aircraft, surface ships and submarines and a versatile bomber that would deliver the thermonuclear bomb.

China’s H-6K is a heavily redesigned version of the ‘Bear’, capable of carrying air launched cruise missiles. According to the Pentagon, the bomber gives China a “long-range standoff offensive air capability” with precision-guided munitions. Russia and China deployed two each of the Tu-95MS and H-6K strategic bombers in the air patrol on Tuesday. 

According to a Russian Defence Ministry statement, the air patrol was undertaken on the “planned route over the Sea of Japan and the East China Sea.” The statement added that the joint air patrol was intended to strengthen Russian-Chinese relations and raise the level of interaction between the armed forces of both countries, in particular, to expand their capabilities for joint operations. 

Significantly, the Russian statement  said that another goal of the joint patrol is “strengthening global strategic stability.” 

The South Korean defence ministry, however, insisted that following the Russian-Chinese air patrol by the strategic bombers, a Russian A-50 command and control military aircraft also entered the country’s Air Defence Identification Zone (ADIZ) twice. South Korea claimed that it deployed fighter jets and fired 360 warning shots ahead of the Russian A-50, which  is an unarmed AWACS plane, designed for tracking and observation.

Russian A-50 aircraft. File photo

Why Russia and China jointly undertook an unprecedented joint air patrol over the disputed islands in the East China Sea (known to the Koreans as Dokdo and to the Japanese as Takeshima) remains unclear. But, quite obviously, it is an affront to the US, which has alliance treaties with both Japan and South Korea. The incident comes barely two months after the release of the Pentagon’s Indo-Pacific Strategy Report, which spelt out the US’ dual containment strategy against China (“a Revisionist Power”) and Russia (“a Revitalised Malign Actor”.) 

The Chinese Defense Ministry’s official spokesman Col. Wu Qian saidon Wednesday, “I would like to reiterate that China and Russia are engaged in all-encompassing strategic coordination. This patrol mission was among the areas of cooperation and was carried out within the framework of the annual plan of cooperation between the defence agencies of the two states. It was not directed against any other “third state.” 

“As far as the practice of joint strategic patrols is concerned, both sides will make a decision on the matter on the basis of bilateral consultations. Under the strategic command of the heads of states, the armed forces of the two nations will continue developing their relations. The sides will support each other, respect mutual interests and develop corresponding mechanisms of cooperation.” 

Clearly, the Chinese statement has been far more assertive than the Russian statement, describing the joint patrol as part of an “all-encompassing strategic coordination” between the two countries and may continue in future as they “support for each other, respect mutual interests and develop corresponding mechanisms of cooperation.” 

Map of the route of Russian-Chinese joint patrol mission on July 23, 2019

Moscow also says that the first-ever joint patrol of the long-range aviation in the Pacific was the beginning of a wider program, which aims to boost the Russian and Chinese militaries’ ability to work together and the planned program stretches at least for the remainder of the year.

Neither Russia nor China is party to the maritime dispute in the East China Sea and when the undertook a joint patrol nonetheless, it bore an uncanny resemblance to the US exercising its ‘freedom of navigation’ in the South China Sea. The US has a big military presence in the region but was rendered an ineffectual observer, unable to go the aid of either of its allies — Japan and South Korea which too could protest and lament from the sidelines. 

The symbolism is striking. The US National Security Advisor John Bolton who was on a visit to Seoul a day after the flyover of the islands by the Russian and Chinese strategic bombers exhorted South Korea and Japan to work together amid growing security concerns. 

On the other hand, the incident last Tuesday only served to highlight the conflicting claims over the islands. Eighteen South Korean jets and about 10 from Japan’s Self-Defense Forces were deployed to the area during the incident. Japan, which considers the South Korean-controlled islands as its own, maintains that the South should not have responded to the Russian plane. Meanwhile, a South Korean Defense Ministry spokesperson said Wednesday that Japan’s views are completely irrelevant. 

In fact, one viewpoint is that China and Russia took advantage of this rift to put their security partnership to the test. The CNN speculated that the Russian-Chinese mission may have been designed to draw out South Korean and Japanese aircraft for intelligence gathering purposes. 

Either way, Russia and China may have underscored that carrying forward their convergence on the Asia-Pacific region, their two militaries intend to undertake active “strategic coordination” in the Far East where the US has begun deploying advanced missile defence capabilities. For China, the timing is particularly significant in view of the proposed US arms sales to Taiwan. 

For both Russia and China, the Far East will be of increased importance in the period ahead as forming a gateway to the Northern Sea Route, the shipping lane which the two countries are jointly developing to connect the Atlantic Ocean and the Pacific Ocean along the Russian coast of Siberia and the Far East. 

Democrat Baltimore Mayor Confirms Trump’s Comments: “Oh My God, You Can Smell The Rats, Dead Animals”

Update: As the day progressed and the progressives pontificated as to just how racist the President’s remarks about Baltimore are, a viral video from September 2018 has awkwardly surfaced showing Democratic Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh decrying the state of parts of her city, specifically the smell of “rats” and “dead animals.”

As’s Ryan Saavedra reports, Pugh made the remarks during a Fox 45 segment while touring a Baltimore neighborhood that was supposed to highlight her “violence-reduction initiative.”

“What the hell? We should just take all this sh*t down. … Whoa, you can smell the rats. … Whew, Jesus. … Oh, my God, you can smell the dead animals.”

So is Pugh racist too? (And we wonder how long before this clearly racist video is removed from Twitter).

*  *  *

The left, the mainstream media, and every virtue-signaling celebrity has quickly jumped on the bandwagon to support Rep. Elijah Cummings following President Trump’s “racist” tweets yesterday about the desperately terrible state of the congressman’s district.

However, despite tears and furore, none on the left is actually denying Trump’s facts – merely distracting with rage that #OrangeManBad. But Trump would not let it go, doubling down this morning:

And, some have come to Trump’s defense.

As expected, White House chief of staff Mick Mulvaney argued on “Fox News Sunday” that President Trump’s use of “infested” to attack Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-Md.) has “nothing to do with race.”

MULVANEY: “Does anyone watching this program dispute the fact or the possibility that if Adam Schiff said the same thing about the border, that the president would be attacking Adam Schiff the exact same way today?”

WALLACE: “I don’t think he would be talking about his crime-investor, rodent-infested district.”

MULVANEY: “He very well could. It has zero to do with the fact that Adam’s Jewish and everything to do with the fact that Adam would just be wrong for saying that. This is what the president does. He fights — “

WALLACE: “You’re completely comfortable with him saying that this is a rodent-infested district and no human being would want to live there? You’re comfortable with that personally?”

MULVANEY: “Have you seen some of the pictures on the Internet? Just this morning from the conditions in Baltimore?”

WALLACE: “You can do that in any inner city in America. And you could argue why doesn’t the president or something to stop it?”

MULVANEY: “The richest estate in the nation has abject poverty like that. A state, by the way, dominated for generations by Democrats. I think it’s fair to have that conversation.

But, Baltimore resident (and awkwardly African American) Michelle speaks out…

Trump is not racist.. I’m glad he put [Cummings] on blast. The rats just didn’t come. These houses just didn’t get torn down, they’ve been like this”

“What he said was definitely true. [Cummings] hasn’t done anything for us”

“[Cummings is] worried more about [caring for illegal aliens at the border] than his own people”

Sounds racist to us! Don’t believe Michelle?

So here are some awkward – probably racist – facts about Baltimore…

Wealth Inequality, Vacant Homes, And Homicides Plague Baltimore

Baltimore has more than 30,000 abandoned homes according to the Housing Authority of Baltimore City. These vacancies are primarily located in neighborhoods with low incomes and high proportions of households of color.

Baltimore’s vacant buildings stand as a reminder, the city is rapidly shrinking. As illustrated in the map below, the areas with the highest concentration of homicides correspond precisely with the city’s vacancies.

Out Of Control: Baltimore On The Verge Of Hitting Homicides Record

Baltimore is on the verge of implosion. The city is an opioid hell-hole that has the most extensive wealth inequality in the country. Its millennial base is fleeing the city, headed to the suburbs to escape the out of control murders.

Baltimore struggles to curb violent crime as the city’s total homicides are expected to breach 300 in the coming days.

We’ve got to teach folks that life is valuable. These folks don’t get up off the ground and get to live another day or to have another conversation with their daughter their father their mother their sister their cousin – they don’t get to do that,” Pugh said.

Baltimore Dubbed ‘Most Robbed’ City In America 

New evidence from ADT security study that examined FBI statistics shows the town is now the “most robbed” city in America.

Baltimore had the most significant number of robberies per capita – 95.87 for every 10,000 people.

ADT’s analytic analysts “looked at the FBI’s annual crime data [for 2017] for robbery rates to discover which city in each state experienced the most robberies.”

While robberies worsened in Baltimore, they declined nationwide, dropping by 28% between 2008 and 2017.

‘Neighborhoods Are Crying Out’: Baltimore Is Nation’s Deadliest Big City, Says FBI

According to The Baltimore Sun, the city has sustained a vicious upcycle in violent crime since 2015, when the per annum number of homicides soared well above 300 for three consecutive years after civil unrest that followed Freddie Gray’s death from injuries suffered in police custody.


And finally, if everything’s so awesome, why are ‘human beings’ leaving Baltimore in droves?

Exodus: Baltimore Sees Biggest Population Drop Since 2001

New data from the U.S. Census Bureau’s annual population that has confirmed our thoughts: Baltimore is descending into chaos as a mass exodus of its residents is currently underway.

Government data showed the city lost 7,346 people, or 1.2% of its population, during the 12 months that ended July 1, 2018, reported The Baltimore Sun.

The exodus, which puts Baltimore’s population at 602,495 as of July 1, 2018, is one of the biggest losses the city has seen since 2001.

The overall trend for Baltimore is down. In the mid-1950s, Baltimore was America’s sixth most populous city, with more than 900,000 residents.

The city was one of the beating industrial hearts of America for decades, but since de-industrialization started in the 1970s to the present date, the city teeters on the edge of collapse.

*  *  *

So, you decide, is President Trump right about Elijah Cummings’ district? Or is its just “racist” to write about the facts in the Democratic stronghold?

Of, course, Cummings is not alone..

Do you see a pattern here?

India Launches First-Ever Space War Drill To Defend Satellites

In the event of war with Pakistan or China, India has determined that the first domain of warfare to defend is low Earth orbit.

Indian news reported last week that the country’s first space war drill on Thursday [July 25] was focused on defending space assets in the event of a shooting conflict with China.

The two-day war exercise, called IndSpaceEx, was conducted by Indian Armed Forces “in the backdrop of China’s rapidly expanding space and counter-space capabilities,” The Times of India (TOI) said.

“There is a need to explore effective tactical, operational, and strategic exploitation on the final frontier of warfare. We cannot keep twiddling our thumbs while China zooms ahead. We cannot match China but must have capabilities to protect our space assets,” the TOI said while quoting an unnamed Indian official.

The Diplomat magazine called the military exercise a “table-top war game,” will allow Indian war planners to design a doctrine that dictates procedures for space battle.

The latest exercise comes after an anti-satellite missile test in March, India emphasized it had developed a level of “deterrence” capabilities on par to the US, Russia, and China.

“We are working on several technologies like directed-energy weapons (DEWs), lasers, electromagnetic pulses (EMP) and co-orbital weapons,” Dr. Satheesh Reddy, chairman of the state-funded the Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO) said in a press briefing after the anti-satellite missile test.

Earlier last week [Monday], India launched its lunar probe Chandrayaan-2 had successfully performed a second earth-bound orbit-raising maneuver on Friday morning.

India has paranoia” amid China’s rapid rise across many domains of warfare, including space, Wei Dongxu, a Beijing-based military analyst, told the Global Times Thursday.

Wei said China continued to hold a peaceful attitude towards India’s space ambitions and opposed its militarization in low Earth orbit.

The Pentagon established its Space Force, the sixth branch of the armed forces, on August 2018.

Vice President Pence said after the creation of the new force, “Russia and China to North Korea and Iran have pursued weapons to jam, blind and disable our navigation and communications satellites via electronic attacks from the ground,” adding that, “our adversaries have been working to bring new weapons of war into space itself.”

As evident by many of the world superpowers, a race to defend military assets in low Earth orbit is underway, an ominous sign of war preparation as protectionism and nationalism is spreading across the world — straining relations that could ultimately lead to war in the next decade.

No Accountability In Washington. The CIA Wants To Hide All Its ‘Assets’

Authored by Philip Giraldi via The Strategic Culture Foundation,

Government that actually serves the interests of the people who are governed has two essential characteristics: first, it must be transparent in terms of how it debates and develops policies and second, it has to be accountable when it fails in its mandate and ceases to be responsive to the needs of the electorate.

Over the past twenty years one might reasonably argue that Washington has become less a “of the people, by the people and for the people” and increasingly a model of how special interests can use money to corrupt government. The recent story about how serial pedophile Jeffrey Epstein avoided any serious punishment by virtue of his wealth and his political connections, including to both ex-president Bill Clinton and to current chief executive Donald Trump, demonstrates how even the most despicable criminals can avoid being brought to justice.

This erosion of what one might describe as republican virtue has been exacerbated by a simultaneous weakening of the US Constitution’s Bill of Rights, which was intended to serve as a guarantee of individual liberties while also serving as a bulwark against government overreach. In recent cases in the United States, a young man had his admission to Harvard revoked over comments posted online when he was fifteen that were considered racist, while a young woman was stripped of a beauty contest title because she refused to don a hijab at a college event and then wrote online about her experience. In both cases, freedom of speech guaranteed by the First Amendment was ruled to be inadmissible by the relevant authorities.

Be that as it may, governmental lack of transparency and accountability is a more serious matter when the government itself becomes a serial manipulator of the truth as it seeks to protect itself from criticism. Reports that the Central Intelligence Agency (C.I.A.) is seeking legislation that will expand government ability to declare it a crime to reveal the identities of undercover intelligence agents will inevitably lead to major abuse when some clever bureaucrat realizes that the new rule can also be used to hide people and cover up malfeasance.

A law to protect intelligence officers already exists. It was passed in 1982 and is referred to as the Intelligence Identities Protection Act (I.I.P.A.). It criminalizes the naming of any C.I.A. officer under cover who has served overseas in the past five years. The new legislation would make the ban on exposure perpetual and would also include Agency sources or agents whose work is classified as well as actual C.I.A. staff employees who exclusively or predominantly work in the United States rather than overseas.

The revised legislation is attached to defense and intelligence bills currently being considered by Congress. If it is passed into law, its expanded range of criminal penalties could be employed to silence whistle blowers inside the Agency who become aware of illegal activity and it might also be directed against journalists that the whistleblowers might contact to tell their story.

The Agency has justified the legislation by claiming in a document obtained by The New York Times that “hundreds of covert officers [serving in the United States] have had their identity and covert affiliation disclosed without authorization… C.I.A. officers place themselves in harm’s way in order to carry out C.I.A.’s mission regardless of where they are based. Protecting officers’ identities from foreign adversaries is critical.”

Some Congressmen are disturbed by the perpetual nature of the identification ban, while also believing that the proposed legislation is too broad in general. Senator Ron Wyden expressed had reservations over how the C.I.A. provision would apply indefinitely. “I am not yet convinced this expansion is necessary and am concerned that it will be employed to avoid accountability,” he wrote.

Agency insiders have suggested that the new law is in part a response to increasing leaks of classified information by government employees. It is also a warning shot fired at journalists in the wake of the impending prosecution of Julian Assange of WikiLeaks under the seldom used Espionage Act of 1918. Covert identities legislation is less broad that the Espionage Act, which is precisely why it is attractive. It permits prosecution and punishment solely because someone either has revealed a “covert” name or is suspected of having done so.

But up until now, government prosecutors have only used the 1982 identities law twice. The first time was a 1985 case involving a C.I.A. clerk in Ghana and the second time was the 2012 case of John Kiriakou, a former C.I.A. officer who pleaded guilty to providing a reporter with the name of an under-cover case officer who participated in the agency’s illegal overseas interrogations. Kiriakou has always claimed that he had not in fact named anyone, in spite of his plea, which was agreed to as a plea bargain. The covert officer in question had already been identified in the media.

John Kiriakou also observes how the I.I.P.A. has been inevitably applied selectively. He describes how “These two minor prosecutions aside, very few revelations of C.I.A. identities have ever led to court cases. Former Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage famously leaked Valerie Plame’s name to two syndicated columnists. He was never charged with a crime. Former C.I.A. Director David Petraeus leaked the names of 10 covert C.I.A. operatives to his adulterous girlfriend, apparently in an attempt to impress her, and was never charged. Former C.I.A. Director Leon Panetta revealed the name of the covert SEAL Team member who killed Osama bin Laden. He apologized and was not prosecuted.”

Kiriakou also explains how the “…implementation of this law is a joke. The C.I.A. doesn’t care when an operative’s identity is revealed — unless they don’t like the politics of the person making the revelation. If they cared, half of the C.I.A. leadership would be in prison. What they do care about, though, is protecting those employees who commit crimes at the behest of the White House or the C.I.A. leadership.” He goes on to describe how some of those involved in the Agency torture program were placed under cover precisely for that reason, to protect them from prosecution for war crimes.

Even team player Joe Biden, when a Senator, voted against the I.I.P.A., explaining in an op-ed in The Christian Science Monitor in 1982 that, “The language (the I.I.P.A.) employs is so broadly drawn that it would subject to prosecution not only the malicious publicizing of agents’ names, but also the efforts of legitimate journalists to expose any corruption, malfeasance, or ineptitude occurring in American intelligence agencies.” And that was with the much weaker 1982 version of the bill.

The new legislation is an intelligence agency dream, a get out of jail card that has no expiry date. And if one wants to know how dangerous it is, consider for a moment that if it turns out that serial pedophile Jeffrey Epstein was indeed a C.I.A. covert source, which is quite possible, he would be covered and would be able to walk away free on procedural grounds.