UK manufacturers stockpile goods ahead of Brexit

Firms fear imports of raw materials will dry up or rise in price when Britain leaves the EU, survey says

Manufacturers are stockpiling goods ahead of March’s Brexit date as the prospect of queues at Britain’s ports grows more likely.

Production remained strong across the manufacturing sector in recent months, with firms fearful that imports of raw materials will dry up in the event of a no-deal Brexit or go up in price should a deal go ahead. In response, they are making as many goods as possible and piling them up in storage, according to a quarterly survey from the EEF, the manufacturers’ trade body.

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Britain’s Excess Winter Deaths Soar To Highest In Over 40 Years

Winter is always a period of increased work for health services, with statistics every year proving this in the most blunt of fashions.

Excess winter death figures represent the difference in the number of people dying during the winter months compared the rest of the year and, as Statista’s Martin Armstrong points out, are a good indicator of just how hard the cold season has been.

Infographic: Excess winter deaths highest in over 40 years | Statista

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The winter of 2017/18 was especially hard and, combined with a strong flu and problems associated with vaccines, it was the worst winter for excess deaths in over 40 years.