Palo Alto Networks to acquire RedLock for $173M to beef up cloud security

Palo Alto Networks launched in 2005 in the age of firewalls. As we all know by now, the enterprise expanded beyond the cozy confines of a firewall long ago and vendors like Palo Alto have moved to securing data in the cloud now too. To that end, the company announced its intent to pay $173 million for RedLock today, an early-stage startup that helps companies make sure their cloud instances are locked down and secure.

The cloud vendors take responsibility for securing their own infrastructure, and for the most part the major vendors have done a decent job. What they can’t do is save their customers from themselves and that’s where a company like RedLock comes in.

As we’ve seen time and again, data has been exposed in cloud storage services like Amazon S3, not through any fault of Amazon itself, but because a faulty configuration has left the data exposed to the open internet. RedLock watches configurations like this and warns companies when something looks amiss.

When the company emerged from stealth just a year ago, Varun Badhwar, company founder and CEO told TechCrunch that this is part of Amazon’s shared responsibility model. “They have diagrams where they have responsibility to secure physical infrastructure, but ultimately it’s the customer’s responsibility to secure the content, applications and firewall settings,” Badhwar told TechCrunch last year.

Badhwar speaking in a video interview about the acquisition says they have been focused on helping developers build cloud applications safely and securely, whether that’s Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud Platform. “We think about [RedLock] as guardrails or as bumper lanes in a bowling alley and just not letting somebody get that gutter ball and from a security standpoint, just making sure we don’t deviate from the best practices,” he explained.

“We built a technology platform that’s entirely cloud-based and very quick time to value since customers can just turn it on through API’s, and we love to shine the light and show our customers how to safely move into public cloud,” he added.

The acquisition will also fit nicely with, a cloud infrastructure security startup, the company acquired in March for $300 million. Badhwar believes that customers will benefit from Evident’s compliance capabilities being combined with Red Lock’s analytics capabilities to provide a more complete cloud security solution.

RedLock launched in 2015 and has raised $12 million. The $173 million purchase would appear to be a great return for the investors who put their faith in the startup.

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Polarization Of Germany In Pictures: Polls Move In Entirely Predictable Pattern

Authored by Mike Shedlock via MishTalk,

About once a week the Greens cheer victory. Alternately, AfD cheers. The Grand Coalition never has any grounds to cheer…

I have a blast following German polls and pronouncements, especially from the Greens.

First, let’s take a look at AfD.

AfD Cheers September 21

Greens Cheer September 29

AfD Cheers October 1

I have been watching this pattern for many weeks and no one seems to have caught on. This next image will explain.

AfD Spread Over Greens – Last 6 INSA Polls

  • 3.5
  • 3.0
  • 4.5
  • 3.5
  • 1.0
  • 2.5

Greens Spread Over AfD – Last 6 Forza Polls

  • 2.5
  • 1.5
  • 3.0
  • 1.5
  • 2.5
  • 1.5

​Now that the INSA poll is out of the way, it’s pretty clear the Greens turn to cheer will soon happen again.

Demise of the Grand Coalition

Meanwhile note that support for the Union (CDU/CSU) “Grand Coalition” is slowly sinking into the sunset.

Support is at a new record low in the last two polls

The lead image shows the overall pattern.

Coalition Outlook

If there was an election today, the Grand Coalition would not have a chance according to any recent poll.

Even the Jamaica coalition, named after colors in the Jamaica flag (black, yellow, green), might not gather, or barely gather, the required 50%.

INSA has the Union + FDP + Greens total as 26 + 10 + 14.5 = 50.5.

Civey has the Union + FDP + Greens total as 26.7 + 8.6 + 15.7 = 51.0.

How long could such a three-way coalition last, assuming it got off the ground in the first place?