BBRG: October Is the Scariest Month for Investors, Along With All the Others

October Is the Scariest Month for Investors, Along With All the Others Actually, worry more about September. Bloomberg, October 1, 2018       My list of seasonal irritants is increasing: from the National Association of Retailers annual Black Friday nonsense, to the regular scary October fright fest. Its not that I am turning into…

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Trump hails ‘wonderful new trade deal’ with Mexico and Canada

11th-hour agreement ends months of dispute between the US and its closest neighbours

The US, Canada and Mexico have reached a deal to revamp the North American Free Trade Agreement (Nafta), ending months of bitter dispute between the world’s largest economy and its closest neighbours.

Donald Trump declared the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA) – the new name for the world’s second-biggest economic bloc behind the European Union – a “wonderful new trade deal”, which came through an 11th-hour agreement late on Sunday.

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The leftwing case for Brexit has its flaws | Letters

Keith Flett, Derrick Joad and Stan Zetie reflect on what Brexit could mean for the left. Plus George Osborn says the video games industry expressed its concerns about Brexit

Larry Elliott highlights the minority case on the left for leaving the EU (The left case for leave is gaining strength as it becomes clear that this Europe is not for turning, 1 October). It is one I agree with in principle. The EU is a neoliberal institution, and while it may be possible to reform it, this seems to have dropped off the agenda of those on the left who argue for remaining in the EU. It would be highly likely to prove a serious obstacle to any progressive advance in the UK.

That said, I voted remain because there is also a tactical argument to be had about when would be a good time to leave. At the moment we are most likely to be heading for a rightwing Brexit, stirring up racism and attacks on the conditions of those at work. It is true that the crisis in rightwing politics this is causing – witness this week’s Tory conference – could bring a general election and a victory for the left. If so, those who backed “lexit” – a leftwing exit from the EU – will be shown to have had a strong, if little heard, case.
Keith Flett

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Philip Hammond: party must offer solutions to Labour questions

Conservatives need to show themselves ‘worthy of the privilege’ of governing post-Brexit Britain, chancellor says

The government’s growing concern at the challenge posed by Labour has been highlighted by Philip Hammond as the chancellor admitted that Jeremy Corbyn was asking questions the Conservatives needed to answer.

Hammond joined other cabinet colleagues in warning that Labour’s policies would endanger the economy but said his own party needed to show itself “worthy of the privilege of governing post-Brexit Britain”.

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IMF chief warns of economic slowdown on back of trade disputes

Christine Lagarde drops hint that fund will cut global growth forecast next week

The head of the International Monetary Fund has sounded the alarm over the global economy, warning of an economic slowdown triggered by rising trade protectionism and soaring levels of debt.

Christine Lagarde used a speech in Washington on Monday to drop the broadest possible hint that the IMF would cut its global growth forecast when it unveils its latest health check on the world economy next week.

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