TPP-11: divisions within Labor continue over support for trade pact

Victoria’s industrial left says it ‘will never stop fighting the trans-Pacific partnership agreement and its attacks on working people’

Labor’s internal woes on the Trans-Pacific partnership trade pact TPP-11 are persisting, with the industrial left faction in Victoria attempting to trigger a grass roots ballot to stop the federal party supporting the deal.

The Victorian sortie, which comes before a meeting of the national left caucus in just over a week to sort through the faction’s agenda for the December ALP conference, follows the leaking of caucus minutes detailing the internal debate over the trade deal.

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Majority Of Europeans Support Refugees, But Disapprove Of EU Policies

For years, the migration crisis has divided Europe, empowering a populist tidal wave across the continent. According to Eurostat, the number of first time asylum applications in 2017 was 650,000 – substantially lower than in 2016 (1.2 million) and 2015 (1.26 million). However, as Statista’s Niall McCarthy notes, while tensions are still high despite that decline, a new Pew Research survey has found taking in refugees is not the key issue. In fact, most countries have a major problem with how the EU is handling the crisis.

Pew found that sizeable majorities in Spain, Germany, France and Sweden all support taking in people fleeing violence and war. Even in the UK where Brexit has caused enormous uncertainty and the subject of migration provokes bitter debates, 74 percent of those polled said they favor taking in refugees. In Europe, Hungary is an exception to the supportive trend with 54 percent saying they oppose taking in refugees. In an unprecedented move last week, the European Parliament backed sanctions against Hungary and its right-wing Orban-led government, accusing it of corruption and human rights violations.

Infographic: Support For Refugees Highest In Western Europe | Statista

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While support for taking in refugees is strong in most EU countries, Pew found that there is widespread disapproval of how the EU is handling the situation. 92 percent of respondents in Greece, 84 percent in Sweden and 80 percent in Hungary all believe the EU is mishandling the crisis. Even in countries where support for taking in refugees is highest, criticism of the EU remains strong. In Germany and France, the share of dissaproval is 66 percent and 74 percent respectively.

Elsewhere in the world, the picture is more mixed when it comes to helping refugees. While opposition is very strong to taking in refugees in South Africa (50 percent) and Russia (47 percent), it is lower in Australia, Japan and the United States. Looking at the latter, 66 percent of people support taking in refugees while 29 percent are opposed.

Trade war: US is putting a knife to China’s neck, says top official

Commerce minister says the resumption of talks depends on US ‘will’ as Beijing also accuses Washington of bullying

The United States is putting “a knife to China’s neck” on trade issues, a senior Chinese official has said, as the two sides struggle to find a way to end a months-long standoff over trade.

A day after both sides heaped fresh tariffs on each other’s goods, vice-commerce minister Wang Shouwen said the resumption of talks on the matter depended on the “will” of the US.

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