The dishonourable Boris Johnson has brought us to the brink of catastrophe

Lord Carrington and the other foreign secretaries who resigned on matters of principle contrast starkly with today’s populists

The resignation of Alexander (“Boris”) Johnson from the prestigious post of foreign secretary in Her Majesty’s government came on the very same day that his illustrious predecessor Lord Carrington died at the wonderful old age of 99.

Johnson becomes the fourth foreign secretary to have resigned since the war – all of them since the arrival of Margaret Thatcher’s revolutionary government on the British political scene in 1979, and three of them Tories – after all, Conservative foreign secretaries have had more chance to resign, since their party has been in office during 26 of those 39 years.

Johnson did not expect to win, and was really a Remainer, but tried to outflank David Cameron and become leader

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Walmart Vs Amazon: The Private Label War

Walmart has known for a long time that private labels can help to enhance margins on the items it sells, and has been stocking its shelves with them since before Amazon was born. However, Amazon is bolstering its private label presence. Will their strategy pay off as they look to overtake Walmart?