5 Reasons Every Newbie Freelancer Needs A Mentor

When you work as an employee, you often have mentors. You can nearly always count on your boss or even a more seasoned coworker for guidance and feedback. For freelancers, this doesn’t happen automatically and it’s a shame because freelancers need mentors just as much as anyone else.

How Artificial Intelligence Could Kill Capitalism

We all know that Artificial Intelligence (AI) is going to change our world, but could it destroy our capitalist system? In my interview with author Calum Chace, I discuss his views on the topic as well as his latest book on ‘Artificial Intelligence and the Two Singularities.’

FinTech Women Need Mentors

“My boss was a woman, so it made me wonder if we as women have certain biases. And am I doing this to other women with my behavior?” It’s not about the buzzword. It makes good business sense.