The IMF is right: hard Brexit is an international threat

Crashing out of the EU is an extremists’ gamble – not just for the UK but also for Britain’s close neighbours

There is always a sense of “they would say that, wouldn’t they?” when a state-funded global agency that promotes free trade says that a hard Brexit would be bad for everyone.

That was the International Monetary Fund’s stance before Britain’s referendum on European Union membership, and in the wake of the vote the Washington-based lender of last resort to near-bankrupt countries (most recently Argentina) has, unsurprisingly, stuck to its line.

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Fukushima Radiation Found In Napa Valley Wines

A well-known way of authenticating the vintage of a certain wine is to check how much nuclear fallout it contains. Now, the pioneer of that technique has used it to determine that radiation from the 2011 Fukushima Dai-ichi meltdown and disaster made its way into wines from California’s Napa Valley.