Asian shares and euro fall sharply as Italy fears spread to global markets

The single currency hits a 10-month low as concern about US tariffs on China adds fuel to selloff in stock markets

Shares in Asia fell sharply and the euro sank to a 10-month low against the US dollar as concern about the political turmoil in Italy spread through international financial markets on Wednesday.

Renewed fears of a trade war between the United States and China also contributed to the negative mood after Donald Trump announced $50bn worth of tariffs on Chinese goods just days after his treasury secretary said the trade war was “on hold”.

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Britain’s high streets can thrive again – if we look past shops | Andrew Carter

When even Marks & Spencer is in trouble, it’s time to reimagine city centres as places where people live, learn and relax

It seems there’s barely a brand that’s immune from the malaise hanging over the British high street. Marks & Spencer and House of Fraser now look to be in serious trouble. Take a walk through the heart of many towns and cities up and down the country, and you’ll encounter a bleak vista: the all-too-familiar array of pound shops, bookies and boarded-up vacant lots. And things aren’t likely to pick up anytime soon, with the high street recently seeing the biggest year-on-year drop in footfall for nearly a decade.

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‘What good is advanced surgery if we can’t even offer proper homecare?’ | Anna Bawden and Nicola Slawson

A crisis in council funding is forcing domiciliary care firms to cancel contracts, leaving older people without vital support

Almost 1.2 million people aged over 65 do not receive the support they need with essential daily tasks such as getting washed and dressed or preparing meals, according to Age UK. The perilous state of the domiciliary care sector, which provides support in people’s own homes, is one of the main reasons for this, the charity says.

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We can secure the NHS and social care for the future by asking everyone to contribute a little more

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