10 Easter Sunday Reads

My easy like Sunday morning reads: • The bottom line: One in three families can’t afford diapers. Why are they so expensive? (Tampa Bay Times) • Facebook is more powerful in Washington than you realize. Here’s why. (Vice) • Inside Michael Dell’s Sprawling Property Empire (Wall Street Journal) • A Partisan Combatant, a Remorseful Blogger: The Senate Staffer Behind the Attack…

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Don’t expect much Leave regret when Brexit hits prosperity | Anand Menon

The post-departure outlook is not good. But it will be hard to recognise or quantify any damage to the economy if growth is merely lower than it might have been

Brexit has brought the UK and EU closer in some regards. While the prime minister began the letter to the president of the European council that triggered article 50 with “Dear President Tusk”, her missive this March was headed “Dear Donald”. But that’s about it. On the substance of the future relationship, the two sides remain deadlocked. Mrs May has her red lines. Donald has his.

What this all means is that, while we’re obviously not sure what the future might hold, if things continue down their current path Britain will leave both the single market and the customs union.

Economies are complicated. Noticing change is hard, and attributing it harder still

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