Transcript: NYT’s David Enrich

    The transcript from this week’s MiB: David Enrich of NYT, WSJ is below. You can stream/download the full conversation, including the podcast extras on iTunes, Bloomberg, Overcast, and Soundcloud. Our earlier podcasts can all be found on iTunes, Soundcloud, Overcast and Bloomberg. ~~~   ANNOUNCER: This is Masters in Business with Barry Ritholtz on Bloomberg Radio. BARRY RITHOLTZ, HOST, MASTERS IN BUSINESS:…

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The Attention Economy

NEVER PROMOTE BEFORE AVAILABILITY You’re lucky if someone’s noticed, if they’re aware of what you’re advertising/promoting, in a world of endless messages once you’ve got someone hooked you need to allow them to click through freely to purchase/experience your wares, this is why Amazon introduced One Click shopping. You want to reduce friction, you want…

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