Dow dreamers show Trump’s war on elites is pure fantasy | Thomas Frank

Economic advisers Larry Kudlow and Kevin Hassett represent the worst of establishment ideology – and ordinary Americans will suffer

Observers of the thousand-man wrecking crew now smashing up America’s executive branch often grouse about the many ways in which it violates the “norms” of our country’s politics. What impresses me as I observe the unfolding Trumptacular is the opposite: how familiar it sometimes is.

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Trump seems to be betting that the substance of the populist narrative doesn’t matter as much as the rhetoric

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Brexit was making us a joke nation even before the blue passports | William Keegan

Theresa May’s ‘transition’ deal is no cause for optimism amid this growing sense of farce

Did I hear aright? Is the new, or rather “retro”, post-Brexit, true-blue British passport going to be manufactured in France? What a wonderful symbol of the futility and duplicity of the Brexiters’ promise to “take back control”!

And what is this dire threat from the ubiquitous Jacob Rees-Mogg that the UK risks becoming a “joke nation” by giving in on so many fronts to Michel Barnier?

Unless something turns up, this could well amount to a mere postponement of disaster

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