Paradise Papers Are the New Panama Papers

First came the Panama Papers, which revealed personal financial information about wealthy individuals and public officials that had previously been kept private. Now, the latest shitstorm to come from a hack of a law firm is the Paradise Papers: The International Consortium of Investigative Journalists received the world’s second biggest data leak, consisting of offshore financial…

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OpenStack’s next mission: bridging the gaps between open source projects

 OpenStack, the massive open source project that provides large businesses with the software tools to run their data center infrastructure, is now almost eight years old. While it had its ups and downs, hundreds of enterprises now use it to run their private clouds and there are even over two dozen public clouds that use the project’s tools. Users now include the likes of AT&T,… Read More

Sonos One

This is incredible. My problem is I have too many Echos and too small a house. I set up the Sonos One but it was getting confused with the Echo nearby. So I decided to do some surgery and screwed it up completely. Then Thomas Meyer hooked me up with Sonos support and not only…

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