Former Navy Seal To Katy Perry: ‘Go To Hell… Hold One Of Your Concerts In Syria And See How It Goes’

Katy Perry, a woman so crazy Russell Brand divorced her over text message, broke down in tears Saturday night at a concert and urged the crowd ‘not to let terrorists win’ in response to the Manchester bombing. Tuesday morning, she went on the radio to tell everyone all we need is open borders, hugs, and love in response to horrific terrorism. Basically this.






Paul Joseph Watson can bring you fully up to speed:


And today on Fox, former Navy Seal Carl Higbie who was responsible for triggering an entire CNN panel last week, had a few choice words for Ms. Perry – daring her to hold a concert in Syria if she thinks peace and love is all it’ll take to conquer ISIS:

“We don’t have people who respect the culture of the United States of America. You have people like Katy Perry, for instance. I mean, this woman has said ‘oh we need to give them hugs, hug it out. Go to hell Katy Perry.


“Hold one of your concerts in Syria and see how it goes.”




What a strange, out of touch woman…

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Greg Gianforte Crushes Opponent in Congressional Run-Off, In Spite of Body Slamming Reporter

The vapid taste of loss must get repetitive for Democrats in America. In spite of the scandals, the Russians, and John Podesta’s email box being the laughing stock of the entire world, they keep losing. The Republican candidate for Congress, Greg Gianforte, grabbed a reporter from The Guardian, Ben Jacobs, by his neck, body slammed him to the ground, and then pounded on him — Saul Rosenberging his glasses. Yet, on election night, despite the negative press, the good people from Montana voted in droves for Gianforte.

With 84% of precincts reporting, Gianforte had 172,743 votes — or 50.4% of the vote, compared to Quist who has 150,007 votes, 43.8% of the vote, according to Edison Research.

It’s embarrassing, really.

Being the rugged gentlemen that he is, Rep. Gianforte apologized tonight, just before he graciously accepted his win.

Here’s how the rural folk felt about the whole body-slamming ordeal.

Via CNN:

“We whole-heartedly support Greg. We love him,” said Karen Screnar, a Republican voter who had driven all the way from Helena to support Gianforte. Screnar said she and her husband have known Gianforte for the better part of a decade. After Gianforte was charged with misdemeanor assault, Screnar said she was only “more ready to support Greg.”

“We’ve watched how the press is one-sided. Excuse me, that’s how I feel. (They’re) making him their whipping boy so to speak through this campaign,” Screaner said. “There comes a point where, stop it.”

Her husband, Terry, chimed in that he believed Gianforte was “set up.”

The left argues that the GOP is an out of control train-wreck, being led down wayward paths by Trump-Hannity and now Gianforte. Drama aside, even if that was true, what’s more alarming is the fact that people are so sick of establishment politics, they’d rather vote for a man who punches reporters in the face, rather than cordially declining his questions.
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