Next Week Chicago!

  Next week is the 2017 Morningstar Investment Conference. My crew will be attending, speaking, and generally making our presence felt to the assembled multitudes in Chi-town. We are just about booked up for the week, now down to the last couple of openings. If you are a saver/investor/trader, and would like to find out more about our financial…

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IMF shifts from dismal to pessimistic, but has a sharper message about inequality | Greg Jericho

Latest IMF world outlook is most positive in years – although that’s not saying much – and it’s looking closely at falling shares of income to labour

The latest IMF world economic outlook released on Tuesday is the most positive for years, but it also highlights the continued risks from nationalistic and protectionist policies and the impact of policies and technology changes that reduce the share of income going to workers.

For the past eight or nine years, the IMF world economic outlook has been pretty soul crushing. Dismal doesn’t begin to convey the mood. Consider that the titles for the outlook have been such joyous reads as “Financial Stress, Downturns, and Recoveries”, “Crisis and Recovery”, “Slowing Growth, Rising Risks”, “Legacies, Clouds, Uncertainties” and the one from April last year, “Too Slow for Too Long”. So it is with some relief to see a bit of positivity infect the IMF. The most recent update, is titled, “Gaining Momentum?

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Facebook is improving the 360 video experience by predicting where you will look

 From the stage of F8, Joaquin Quinonero, Facebook’s Director of Applied Machine Learning, described a new technique the company is using to improve the watching experience for 360 videos. The format is challenging to deliver because of its size, but Facebook is using machine learning to reduce the number of pixels that have to be rendered at any one time. By predicting where a viewer… Read More