Cuts are a feminist issue. So what would a suffragette do? | Zoe Williams

It is hard to find a suitable response to what is no longer simply austerity but the willed destruction of social generosity

It was a budget that coincided with International Women’s Day. The chancellor marked the happy event by sprinkling generosity on the hardworking wives and mothers who, in their resilience to violence and discrimination, make up the wellspring of this nation’s doughty good cheer. So £20m, over three years, to domestic violence charities; a £5m fund to help women back into work after having children; another £5m to the ones who haven’t necessarily done anything reproductively useful, and merely want to celebrate next year’s centenary of female suffrage.

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We could say austerity kills. But this isn’t even austerity. No books are being balanced as a result of these actions

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US interest rate rise to deepen debt crisis in developing world

Poorest countries hit hardest as lower commodity prices and strong dollar raises repayment bills, campaigners warn

Developing countries are struggling with steep rises in their debt payments after being hit by a double whammy of lower commodity prices and a stronger dollar, with more pain to come once the US central bank raises interest rates this week, campaigners warn.

The Jubilee Debt Campaign said that some of the world’s poorest countries have seen the cost of repaying their debts – as a proportion of government revenue – hit the highest level for a decade. Government coffers have been depleted by lower revenues from commodity exports and the size of dollar-denominated debts has risen as the US currency has strengthened.

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