10 New Year’s Day (Sunday) Reads

Start off your New Year’s right with our easy like Sunday morning reads: • Fuck Work: Economists believe in full employment. Americans think that work builds character. But what if jobs aren’t working anymore? (Aeon) • Brown: In 2016 I Learned That…    (Reformed Broker) • Going With My Gut Was Not a Winning Strategy in 2016 (Barron’s) • Why Good Storytellers…

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Why the UK economy could fare better in 2017 than forecasters predict

From house prices to exports, there are reasons to be cheerful this year despite concerns over Brexit negotiations

New Year: a time for resolutions, detox diets and predictions. But after the year forecasters had in 2016, who would be brazen enough to predict how 2017 will pan out?

Where most economists went wrong last year – including the likes of the Bank of England and International Monetary Fund – was in predicting a sharp slowdown in the event of a vote for Brexit. George Osborne, for example, made the misjudged warning that a vote to leave the EU was a vote for recession.

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Brexit’s slow-burning fuse will reach a powder keg this year

The effect of voting to leave the EU will become all too clear as prices rise and earnings are hit

This is the year when our politicians and the so-called “people” – all 28% of the population who voted to leave the European Union – will reap what they have sown. Unfortunately, unless sense prevails, the rest of us will also suffer the product of their wild oats.

The absurdity, indeed perils, of Brexit become more obvious by the month. Business is nervous; so is the City, which constitutes far more hundreds of thousands of employees than the small, avaricious band of bankers who made their notorious contribution to the financial crisis.

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