Hurrah for the industrial strategy. At last Britain has a plan

Some in Whitehall were wary about the government showing its hand on industry. But next week’s policy unveiling will provide a welcome focus

The government is this week scheduled to unveil its industrial strategy for Britain. It promises to be a fascinating document. Although this industrial strategy has received far less publicity than Brexit, it could have a more significant long-term impact on Britain then leaving the European Union. But that impact depends on the government not only producing a substantial plan but also sticking to it over years and parliaments, which will not be an easy task.

Until Theresa May made her speech on Brexit last week, there were growing fears in the business world that the industrial strategy could be a damp squib. It is understood that there have been splits within government about how detailed the industrial strategy should be – because of fears that it could show Britain’s hand too early in negotiations with the EU on Brexit.

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