Last of big spenders: UK Black Friday to be final hurrah before prices rise

This year’s shopping sales extravaganza is likely to have a feel of going, going, gone, with many items set to get more expensive

As the clock ticks down to Black Friday, aggressive promotions on everything from 4K TVs to tablet computers and winter coats could be the last hurrah for shoppers before price hikes in 2017.

After bargain-hunting consumers went on the rampage on Black Friday in 2014, fighting in the aisles for cut-price widescreen televisions, last year it was a much tamer affair, as shoppers retreated to the safety of seeking the best bargains online.

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Hammond knows Britain’s regional imbalance is risky. Why didn’t he fix it? | Simon Jenkins

In the 2016 autumn statement the cities of the north have lost out, and all the spoils have gone to London and the south-east – again

The chancellor, Philip Hammond, is Theresa May’s chauffeur. It must be a ghastly job. He has to drive the economy towards Brexit, with no instructions, no map and no clear road ahead. Meanwhile, he has three blind mice in the back seat: David Davis, minister for I-haven’t-a-clue, Liam Fox, minister for what-on-earth-is-happening, and Boris Johnson, minister for Oh-Christ!

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