World Pneumonia Day: Progress But Also 5 Troubling Trends

Pneumonia is one of the top 5 causes of death worldwide among children under 5 years of age. In the U.S. next to giving birth, pneumonia is the most common reason why adults get admitted to the hospital. While the past decades have seen advances in preventing, controlling, and treating pneumonia, some troubling trends that threaten to reverse the gains.

Pound has best fortnight in eight years after Trump win

Market concerns shift to euro after concerns over Brexit vote, but sterling remains well below pre-referendum levels

The battered pound has notched up its best two-week performance in eight years after the surprise US election result took investor focus off the UK’s Brexit challenges.

Market concerns shifted to the euro amid fears that Donald Trump’s victory will trigger a wave of populism and political uncertainty throughout Europe.

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What will we eat in 2030?

By Tim Benton, Member of the Global Future Council on The Future of Food Security of the World Economic Forum The future of food is a contested space, with multiple competing ideas about how the future will evolve. The growing human population, with a significantly increasing global middle class, will be […]

What Trump’s Victory Might Mean for US-Russia Relations

  Upon learning that Donald Trump won the American presidency on November 9, the Russian Duma (parliament) broke out in applause. The Kremlin had every reason to be happy. During his campaign Trump repeatedly—and consistently— expressed admiration for Russian president Vladimir Putin above all other dictators. He said he would “look […]