Clinton Concedes: Donald Trump Becomes 45th U.S. President

It's over…

And NBC News reports that Hillary is said to have conceded on phone with Trum

CNN's Dana Bash is also reporting that Hillary Clinton has called Donald Trump to concede the race, matching the earlier report from NBC News.



Donald Trump Victory Party Speech:

Fox reports Hillary Clinton will not be coming to The Javits Center – so not accepting the results of the election"she will not be conceding."



Trump's former campaign manager Corey Lewandowski is calling Clinton's decision not to speak tonight "outrageous" on CNN.

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Having won Wisconsin's 10 votes, moments ago Trump, who had 254 votes, was declared by AP the first Republican since 1988 to win Pennsylvania and its 20 electoral votes, which effectively pushed him above the 270 threshold, and with a total of 274, Donald Trump is now poised to become the 45th US President.

And already the questions arise, with Bloomberg promptly asking "what might President-elect Trump do to calm the markets?" Because some still believe that's the most important thing; some like Hillary Clinton, whose belief is what cost her the presidency.

The Bloomberg comedy continues: "he could remove a lot of the uncertainty factor by saying he has complete faith in Fed Chair Janet Yellen. He could tamp down any talk of a rebellion against House Speaker Paul Ryan — and give Ryan a green light to move ahead with his agenda. He could even offer to work with Democratic leaders in Congress on a plan to address the grievances of disaffected blue-collar workers in Rust-Belt states."

He could, but he probably won't, because fundamentally Trump does not really agree with doing things the "old, established way."

But before we find out how Trump "calms the markets", we first look forward to Hillary Clinton's concession speech. It should be riveting.

Huffington Post Ends Editor’s Note Calling Trump “Serial Liar, Rampant Xenophobe, Racist, Misogynist”

For months, every story on the Huffington Post about Trump came with a disclaimer at the end describing him as a “serial liar, rampant xenophobe, racist, misogynist,” among other things.  Now, according to Politico, a note sent to HuffPo staff from the organization’s Washington Bureau Chief, Ryan Grim, on Tuesday evening said the disclaimer will no longer be used in an effort create a “clean slate”.

“Editor’s note: Donald Trump regularly incites political violence and is a serial liar, rampant xenophobe, racist, misogynist and birther who has repeatedly pledged to ban all Muslims — 1.6 billion members of an entire religion — from entering the U.S.”

Of course, Huffington Post spokeswoman Sujata Mitra noted that the plan all along was to remove the “Editor’s Note” after the election cycle…of course, because the point was to block a Trump presidency which didn’t really work out that well apparently.

“The thinking is that (assuming he wins) that he’s now president and we’re going to start with a clean slate,” Grim wrote in the memo, obtained by POLITICO. “If he governs in a racist, misogynistic way, we reserve the right to add it back on. This would be giving respect to the office of the presidency which Trump and his backers never did.”


“This note was added to stories about presidential candidate Donald Trump during the election cycle,” Huffington Post spokeswoman Sujata Mitra wrote in a statement. “Now that the election is over, we will no longer be adding the note to future stories, as he is no longer a presidential candidate.”

Seems like Ariana probably should have accepted this board position from PMUSA…turns out her “independence” wasn’t all that “useful” to Hillary after all.

“She is enthusiastic abt the project but asks if she’s more useful to us not being on the Board and, instead, using Huffpo to echo our message without any perceived conflicts. She has a point.”


Meanwhile, At Hillary Clinton’s Headquarters: Tragedy

It was supposed to be a night of joy, celebrations and breaking “glass ceilings.” It is now nothing short of tragedy.

despite a palpable buzz in the air at the start of the evening, the crowd grew quiet as the swing states of North Carolina and Florida went to the Republican presidential nominee. Michigan, New Hampshire and Wisconsin all look as though they could swing for Trump, as well. Pardon, president Trump.

“I feel nauseous,” one top campaign official for Clinton told People before slipping behind a black curtain beyond which reporters were barred.

S&P & Nasdaq Limit-Down, Erase 2016 Gains, Peso Plunges To Record Low As Trump Victory Looks Assured

This chart tells the whole story of the night: Trump – the massive underdog – appears to have pulled off precisely what he promised to do: Brexit times 10, having won virtually every key battleground state including Ohio, North Carolina and moments ago, Florida.

The latest electoral map:

*  *  *


  • S&P: -5%
  • FTSE: -5%
  • DAX: -5%
  • Nikkei: -6.3%
  • Crude: -3.8%
  • Peso/USD: -13%
  • Dollar Index: -2%
  • Gold: +4.3%
  • 30-Yr Treasury: +1.2%

Who could have seen this coming?


S&P and Nasdaq are limit down…


Nasdaq has given up 2016 gains…


Nikke Futures are down 1000 points…


USDJPY overnight vol at its highest since Lehman…


10Y yields have plunged most since Brexit…


December rate hike odds have collapsed to 50-50…


S&P 500 Futures are very near limit down…


AP has called Florida for Trump…


US equities are down almost 5% from the close… (S&P -100, Dow -700, Nasdaq -200)

Every market is in turmoil…


These are the key battleground states that Trump won tonight against all odds:

  • Florida
  • Georgia
  • Iowa
  • North Carolina
  • Ohio
  • Utah

And, more shockingly, he appears set to win Pennsylvania, Michigan, New Hampshire, Wisconsin and Arizona.

*  *  *

Update 1046:

Trump is projected to win North Carolina by FOX

* * *

Update 10:32PM


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Update 10:24pm

NBC project Trump winner in Ohio, and sees 168 electoral college votes for Trump, 109 for Clinton

* * *

Update 10:15pm

Total bloodbath in markets – Peso has crashed to record lows above 20/$ and Dow Futures are down over 650 points…


VIX Futures are soaring above 22 and Gold is above $1310…

*  *  *

Update 10:00 pm

Donald trump is prijected to win Montana, Hillary Clinton is projected to win Virginia.

* * *

Update 9:40pm

Donald Trump is declared winner in Louisiana; Hillary Clinton is projected to win Connecticut.

* * *

Update 9:13pm

Trump declared winner in Texas, Arkansas

* * *

Update: 09.10pm

Clinton is projected to win New York; Trump Wins Dakotas, Kansas, Wyoming

* * *

Update 09:04pm

Bloodbath in markets as Trump leads in Florida and Ohio…

*  *  *

Update 8:33pm


*  *  *

Update 8:04pm

Peso and Stocks are soaring as Clinton leads Florida and takes 68-48 lead in early states.


* * *

Update 7:41pm

And the first votes from Ohio start coming in, and once again, Trump is in the early lead with 1% of the vote counter.

* * *

Update 7:36pm

The fight for Florida is furious, and with 46% of the vote counted, Trump has again regained a small, 25% lead.

Meanwhile, with 2% of the vote in North Carolina, another must win state for Trump, he has an early lead.

* * *

Update 7:32pm

CNN and NBC News have called West Virginia for Trump leaving him leading Hillary by 24 to 3.

*  *  *

Update 7:30pm

It is all about Florida, where in a close race, Trump and Hillary have been trading the lead, and with 36% of the vote, Hilllary has a 49.2% lead to Trump's 48.0%

* * *

Update 7:04pm

While the early states were heavily republican and thus a given for Trump – where he was just projected winner –  moments ago votes have begun comiking in from key battleground states including Florida (29 electoral votes) and Virginia (13). As well as Georgia (16), South Carolina (9) and Vermont (3), which was just called for Hillary.

As of this moment Trump has won 19 electoral votes, while Hillary has 3.

With 12% of the vote in, Trump has a modest lead in Florida, and a bigger lead in Georgia.

Meanwhile, in Virginia, with 3% of the vote counted, Trump has a 57.1% lead over Clinton.

* * *

Update 7:00pm.

And following Trump, commanding lead in the first states, CNN just called Indiana and Kentucky for Donald Trump; while Hillary clinton projected to win Vermont.

While it is still very early in the evening, with only a handful of the early votes counted, the first results are coming in and Trump – at least for now – has the lead in both republican strongholds of Kentucky and Indiana with some 70% of the vote, in line with expectations.

Trump's early lead is thanks to Kentucky and Indiana.

Live feed from Bloomberg:


* * *

Donald’s Trump Victory Odds Rise Above 95%

To get a sense of what is going on with Hillary Clinton’s winning changes, look no further than the following chart courtesy of the NYT, which has seen Hillary’s victory odds plunge from 80% to less than 5%, as Trump’s, which were at 13% just a few hours ago, are now over 95%. Or, as some would say, game over.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why you should never listen to forecasters.

Market Crashes As Traders Suddenly Worried Trump Can Win

After some early shenanigans, the markets are turmoiling as Trump takes an unexpected lead in several battleground states including Florida, Ohio, and North Carolina


The Peso plunged above 19/$, Dow Futures crashed below 18,000 and Gold is testing towards $1300…


This massive puke has erased all the post-Comey gains (or losses in Gold) – Dow down 450 points, Peso crashed 9%!


This is the biggest crash in the Peso since The 1994 Tequila Crisis…