Cash quiz

The government is urging us to find out more about the new 12-sided pound coin, due to go into circulation next March. How much do you know already?

Wage gap

Indian construction workers brought in to work on a luxury hotel in Havana are being paid 10 times more than their Cuban counterparts, reports Will Ross.

Microsoft open sources its next-gen cloud hardware design

80527689-6b4f-4ac8-bb93-25556376560c Microsoft today open sourced its next-gen hyperscale cloud hardware design and contributed it to the Open Compute Project¬†(OCP). Microsoft joined the OCP, which also includes Facebook, Google, Intel, IBM, Rackspace and many other cloud vendors, back in 2014. Over the last two years,¬†it already contributed a number of server, networking and data center designs. With this new contribution,… Read More