The ‘modest’ £1m home

In 1986, the BBC followed a young, married couple as they moved into their new home in south London. After 30 years of rocketing house prices, we return to the same property to find a very different residential set-up.

Property rentals to outstrip sales for first time since 1930s

Low supply and rising prices leads to more new lets than purchases, says estate agency

The property rental market is booming at the expense of the sales market, making it look as if house-buying will be outstripped for the first time in eight decades next year, as home-buyers face a continued struggle to find properties they can afford.

Activity in the sales market has cooled since June’s Brexit vote and a lack of property for sale combined with rising prices are set to lead to more new lets than purchases, the UK’s largest estate agency chain, Countrywide, said.

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Rising inflation to hit consumers until 2018, forecasters say

Economists believe CPI will have jumped to 0.9% when data is published this week after slide of sterling since Brexit vote

The role of the weak pound in pushing up prices for UK shoppers and motorists will become clearer this week, with official figures expected to show a sharp rise in inflation.

One leading economic forecaster is warning that rising costs will continue to hit consumer spending next year and in 2018, as a decline in business investment after the Brexit vote applies further downward pressure to economic growth.

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UK faces growth slowdown as Brexit challenges hit

EY Item Club says falling consumer spending and business investment, along with rising inflation, will put brakes on GDP

Britain should brace itself for a growth slowdown in the coming years, as falling consumer spending and business investment applies the brakes to the UK economy, a report has said.

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‘Name blind’ job applications needed to stop bias, says CBI

Employers’ body urges companies to blank out candidates’ names and support flexible working to improve UK productivity

Companies should remove candidates’ names from job applications and offer flexible working from the outset of the recruitment process to create a more dynamic and diverse workforce, according to employers’ body the CBI.

In a new report, published on Monday, the CBI will highlight the economic and social challenges facing the UK that have been “thrown into sharp relief by Brexit” and focus on issues of productivity and inclusion.

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The super-rich could survive on a bit less | Letter

While the world’s richest saw a dent in their fortunes last year (World’s billionaires lose £215m each as global economy struggles, 14 October), the overall trend is an increase in super-rich individuals, with 600 new billionaires since the financial crisis. This comes at a time when more than 750 million people in extreme poverty are going hungry. This huge gap between rich and poor hurts us all – harming economic growth and corroding societies – but hits the most vulnerable hardest.

Current extremes go beyond fair reward for hard work and are distorting the economy. Many billionaires simply inherit their wealth and this advantage is exacerbated by the vast amounts stashed in tax havens depriving governments around the world of billions in lost revenues – money desperately needed to pay for schools, hospitals and fighting poverty. If tax were paid on the money that the super-rich in Africa are estimated to hold offshore, it would be enough to save four million children’s lives and employ enough teachers to get every African child into school.

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