Room and Board Curates Rare and Handmade For The Modern Interior

Room and Boardisthe brand I graduated to post-roommates, post-Ikea. It’s amore expensive modern furniture optionthan the Swedish mainstay, but the pieces are beautifully made to last you a lifetime, and assembly according to impossible instructions is usually not required.Personally I own a couch in thatcategory, purchased 11 years ago. Had […]

A Chef Who Partnered with Paul Newman Shares His Recipe for a Successful Nonprofit

A decade ago, actor-director-social entrepreneur Paul Newman asked celebrity chef and sustainable food consultant Michel Nischan to become his partner in a farm-to-table restaurant called Dressing Room at the Westport Country Playhouse in Westport, CT. But Nischan didn’t immediately jump at the opportunity. At the time, he was trying to start a nonprofit organization called Wholesome Wave to help low-income people get access to affordable fruits and vegetables to combat a host of chronic diseases. At Newman’s urging, Nischan did both –opening the restaurant and launching his nonprofit at the same time. Nischan talks about the experience and his tips for making a nonprofit succeed.