Fabulous Flying Mobula Rays

Some counter-programming for those of you not interested in tonight’s debate, via the BBC: Mobula rays leap spectacularly from the sea when they gather in large groups, but scientists still don’t know why they do it. Click for the video. Source: BBC

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Please Debate Infrastructure!

The big presidential debate is tonight, and expectations are that lots of people will be watching. One of the key issues — remember those? — facing the U.S. is the abysmal state of infrastructure. It would be nice to learn more from each candidate what they would do as president to restore the state of…

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10 Monday AM Reads

My pre-debate Monday morning train reads: • The Collectible Car Market Is Getting the Air Kicked Out of its Tires (Bloomberg) • John Hempton’s investment philosophy (Bronte Capital) • Why Getting Rich Quick Often Doesn’t Sound Crazy (Wall Street Journal) • The Death of the Telephone Call. 1876–2007. (Slate) • How one Washington Post reporter uses pen and paper to…

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Labour conference: McDonnell rules out early shadow cabinet reshuffle – Politics live

Rolling coverage of all the developments at the Labour conference in Liverpool, including John McDonnell’s speech

9.07am BST

David Blunkett, the Labour former home secretary, has written an excoriating article about Jeremy Corbyn for the Daily Mail. He says that Corbyn is unelectable and that his re-election as Labour leader is “an utter disaster” for the country because Britain needs an effective opposition.

This is about the immediate future of British democracy. There has to be a credible opposition party, one that the wider public can trust.

If not, there will be a permanent Conservative majority in the Commons, with nobody to keep the government honest and accountable.

He doesn’t want to fight terrorism – he can’t even bring himself to denounce Palestinian terrorists or the IRA.

He has already said he would never push the nuclear button, and I strongly suspect he could never sanction any kind of war at all. A Britain led by this man would be vulnerable and helpless, and the electorate knows it.

We hadn’t made enough of an effort to recruit ordinary people to the party, to combat the extremists. And we didn’t have any clear idea of our goals, other than ‘Corbyn must go’.

8.40am BST

Labour’s national executive committee has been meeting this morning. There were reports overnight saying Jeremy Corbyn was going to make a fresh attempt to delay a conference vote on the plans that will give Scotland and Wales a seat each on the NEC. The candidates would be selected by the Labour leaders in Scotland and Wales respectively, who are not Corbyn supporters, and the Corbynites favour an alternative proposal for the new Scottish and Welsh members to be elected by party members, which would increase the chances of pro-Corbyn figures taking those NEC seats.

But, according to Johanna Baxter, a member of the NEC, conference will get to vote on the plans in their current form.

NEC rule changes will go before conference as planned. #Lab16

8.31am BST

On Saturday Jeremy Corbyn said that a shadow cabinet reshuffle would take place “imminently”. Subsequently aides clarified what he meant, saying a reshuffle was not planned until after the party conference.

But there now seems to have been a change of plan. John McDonnell told Today that he did not expect a reshuffle before the national executive away day, which is expected to take place on 22 November. Asked if the reshuffle would happen before that meeting, McDonnell said: “I can’t see that happening.”

8.27am BST

After the BBC’s political editor Laura Kuenssberg gives her take on the interview, John McDonnell intervenes again. He says Labour has been discussing its plans with the CBI and other business groups. They are “on the same page”, he says.

8.23am BST

Q: Will there be a shadow cabinet reshuffle?

McDonnell says the NEC will have an away day.

8.21am BST

Q: How hard did you campaign for Brexit? Alan Johnson said it was not very hard.

McDonnell says he was “shocked” by that. He says Jeremy Corbyn travelled thousands of miles to campaign for the EU.

8.19am BST

Q: You are not debating Brexit.

McDonnell says Brexit will be the first item in his speech. So it will come up in the economy debate.

8.17am BST

Q: You want more digital innovation. So do you welcome the rise of a company like Uber? Are they a positive force?

McDonnell says the US government has become an entrepreneurial state. But there has been some disruption. Government can work with a company like Uber to make sure standards are set.

8.14am BST

Mishal Husain is interviewing John McDonnell.

Q: What does interventionist government mean?

8.05am BST

It’s the economy day at the Labour conference in Liverpool and the key speaker will be John McDonnell, the shadow chancellor. He has been giving interviews this morning and is about to appear on the Today programme. I will be covering that in detail.

Overnight McDonnell and Emily Thornberry, the shadow foreign secretary, have announced that a future Labour government would compensate deprived regions for any funding they will lose when the UK leaves the EU. The government has promised to make good this shortfall up to 2020, but not beyond that. Labour would continue to compensate them “into the 2020s and beyond”.

For the period 2014 to 2020, the UK was allocated €10.8 billion in structural funding for our most deprived regions and communities. The Tories have given an undertaking hedged in conditions that funding up to 2020 will be protected.

For the period after, they have said nothing. That is not good enough. Without long-term certainty over funding, our most deprived regions and communities cannot plan ahead. They cannot attract other investment. They cannot make progress.

Labour will rewrite the rules of our economy to foster a British manufacturing renaissance https://t.co/Pv1u4Bfb8W #Lab16

John McDonnell unrepentant over Esther McVey attack: “You have to be honest in politics – you have to express how you feel.” @GMB

McDonnell says ‘people that ask me to apologise, go and meet the families affected by cuts. I have a justifiable anger’ , re Esther McVey

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