Markets braced for choppy week as pound falls amid Brexit fears

Sterling and Asian stocks fall to two-month lows amid uncertainty about EU vote and state of world economy

Financial markets suffered falls on Monday amid growing fears that Britain could vote to leave the EU.

Britain’s blue-chip FTSE 100 index hit a three-week low in early trading as another bout of Brexit angst hit the City, after Asian stocks fell the most in more than two months.

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Nearly one in six workers in England and Wales in insecure work

Focus on boosting pay risks ignoring debt problems for millions on zero-hour contracts, Citizens Advice says

Four-and-a-half million people in England and Wales are in insecure work, according to research by Citizens Advice, which has warned too much focus on boosting pay risks ignoring the problem of unpredictable incomes for many households.

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Make UK super-rich pay one-off wealth tax, says Fabian Society

Labour MP Dan Jarvis backs call for levy on richest 0.1% to help cut deficit and protect public services

A one-off tax on Britain’s super-rich is the only feasible way to tackle the government’s spending deficit and protect vital public services, according to a report backed by the Labour MP Dan Jarvis and the left-of-centre Fabian Society thinktank.

The levy would apply to UK residents with more than £10m in assets, with a supplementary charge for those with more than £20m in shares and property.

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How to end the UK’s gender pay gap

New rules aim to shame employers into ending wage disparity between the sexes but tougher penalties, such as a pay gap tax, are needed

More than three decades after the equal pay act, the gender pay gap still stands at about 19%, with the average British woman earning around 80p for every £1 earned by a man.

David Cameron believes he has a few ways to narrow the gulf and has vowed to eliminate it “in a generation”. But for many people that is clearly too long to wait.

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