Five Food Trends You’ll Be Savouring In Australia

Australia, known for its agricultural prowess and fresh produce, offers a cornucopia of culinary delights to tantalise the taste buds. However, its also known for its openness towards mixing and matching a variety of cultural influences. Many of which have become staples in a local’s diet. Here are five food trends to keep a look out for on your next trip down under.

What’s Behind China’s Worldwide Real Estate Shopping Spree?

Why is foreign real estate an attractive investment for Chinese funds, insurance firms, and even individuals? Real estate offers a relatively safe place to put your money if you have plenty of it – without the need to become directly involved in the operations of overseas subsidiaries. Moreover, real estate markets move in different cycles in different countries, and so overseas investments provide opportunities for risk diversification.

Oil And Gas: Change And Prosper? A New Growth Scenario In A 2° World

In a global business world facing unprecedented challenges, leadership often seems to come from unexpected quarters. Institutional investors have increasingly been making their views known, and their power felt at the AGM’s of publicly listed businesses. As environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues become mainstream, it becomes harder and harder for […]