Australian inflation falls to 1.3% in biggest drop for seven years

Falling petrol prices pushed the cost of living down in the year to March, making fresh rate cuts by the Reserve Bank more likely

Australia’s inflation rate saw its biggest fall for seven years in the year to the March quarter, official figures have shown, making fresh interest rates more likely.

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More than a million people in UK living in destitution, study shows

Research by Joseph Rowntree Foundation finds 668,000 households unable to afford essentials such as food, heating and clothes

More than a million people in the UK are so poor they cannot afford to eat properly, keep clean or stay warm and dry, according to a groundbreaking attempt to measure the scale of destitution in Britain.

A study by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation (JRF) found that 184,500 households experienced a level of poverty in a typical week last year that left them reliant on charities for essentials such as food, clothes, shelter and toiletries.

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Is basic income too simplistic to meet housing need?

For supporters of basic income, Beveridge’s ‘problem of rent’ is an even bigger headache today than it was in the 40s

In a world with a universal basic income for all, what would you do about housing costs?

UBI – also known as citizen’s income or negative income tax – is a seductive idea that is now gaining ground, with support spanning the political spectrum from the Green Party to the ideas of the late US economist Milton Friedman. The hope is of a welfare system that would empower people rather than penalise them, offer freedom in place of sanctions and enable us to adapt to a rapidly changing labour market rather than being at the mercy of Google and Uber.

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How less stuff could make us happier – and fix stagnation

Bank of England blogger suggests Buddhism-inspired trend of mindfulness is teaching consumers that less is more

Has western society reached “peak stuff”? If reports that once-insatiable shoppers are starting to cut back are true, what are the consequences for the old economic theory that more consumption equals greater happiness?

That is a question a Bank of England blogger has posed, with interesting and upbeat conclusions.

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Brexit campaigners make immigration their battleground

After one apocalyptic warning after another about the potential economic impact of Brexit, those wanting out are highlighting the impact of free movement

Late November 2014 was not the busiest time for news.

The most striking images, in the BBC’s week in pictures, included Lewis Hamilton clutching his girlfriend Nicole Sherzinger after winning his second F1 world championship and a Snoopy balloon floating down Sixth Avenue during a Thanksgiving parade.

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