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9.12am BST

Hopes that Greece and its creditors could make a breakthrough have been dashed overnight, probably to no-one’s great surprise.

Talks between the two sides were adjourned early this morning, and will resume next week once the IMF’s Spring Meeting has concluded.

“The Greek government and the four institutions agreed there was progress,”

First “deadline” missed, onwards to the next one. Stop me if you’ve heard this one before #Greece

8.53am BST

Tax avoidance by multinational corporations will be forced into the open under proposals to be unveiled by European regulators later today following the Panama Papers revelations.

The European commission will put forward legislation requiring large multinationals operating in Europe to disclose where they make profits and where they pay tax on a country by country basis.

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8.30am BST

Shares in luxury goods makers are sliding across Europe this morning, following disappointing results from France’s LVMH Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton SE.

“The U.S. market is strong and Europe remains well oriented except for France which is affected by a fall in tourism.”

8.21am BST

Troubled UK supermarket chain Tesco has cut back one of its overseas ventures, as it looks to bolster its position back home.

8.14am BST

London’s stock market has opened cautiously, with the FTSE 100 index dropping by 8 points in early trading.

Mining shares are up, partly helped by the weaker dollar.

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8.06am BST

Jack Lew, the US treasury secretary, has turned the tables on the International Monetary Fund by arguing that it must do more to help the global economy recover.

…intensify scrutiny of critical issues like exchange rates, current account imbalances, and shortfalls in global aggregate demand

7.52am BST

IMF chief Christine Lagarde has poured cold water on hopes that a global tax authority could be introduced, to combat tax evasion.

Speaking in Washington overnight, she warned that the idea of an intergovernmental UN tax body – promoted by Oxfam – faced major obstacles from governments.

“We need to be aware of the massive hurdles and obstacles along the way because taxation for the last century or so has been defined, conceptualised, designed, implemented on a purely territorial sovereign basis.

And if anything, levying taxation is considered as an attribute of sovereignty, and anything that takes away from that is going to be very strongly opposed by many countries in the world, many forces.”

“I think it’s an area where we all have to think outside the box because there are too many boxes in that tax field and thinking outside the box might be of great interest.”

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7.37am BST

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