UK policymaking ‘jeopardised by rubbish official statistics’

Treasury select committee chair Andrew Tyrie calls for shakeup of Office for National Statistics

Andrew Tyrie, chairman of the Treasury select committee, has called for sweeping changes to how the UK produces official statistics to improve the quality of economic data.

Chancellor George Osborne should use March’s budget to launch a shakeup of the Office for National Statistics (ONS), urged Tyrie, who recently criticised the body for falling behind its international peers and jeopardising policy decisions with “rubbish” statistics.

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Millions of UK workers stuck in wrong job, study shows

Resolution Foundation thinktank says 5m extra hours a week are needed to free up part-time roles for new entrants and the economically inactive

Millions of UK workers are stuck in the wrong job or working fewer hours than they would like, according to a report warning that this army of underemployed people are blocking opportunities for those outside the labour market.

The Resolution Foundation thinktank said that 5m extra hours of work a week are needed to soak up employees’ demands for more work. Moving those underemployed into longer hours would free up their part-time roles for new entrants, including those currently defined as economically inactive – many of whom have health problems or caring responsibilities.

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If Britain voted to leave the EU, what would happen next?

Brexiters play down the difficulties of renegotiating trade and other deals, but the process of withdrawal could take years

For the first half century of its existence, joining the club of nations that became the European Union was, in legal terms at least, forever. Once inside, there was no way out.

But the Lisbon Treaty, which came into force in 2009 to streamline the EU’s working practices after it had expanded to include the former communist states of eastern Europe, also signposted the exit for the first time.

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