Charlie Rose Appearance on Markets & Economy

I got a last minute call from the producers of Charlie Rose yesterday to discuss market volatility — here is an excerpt from the appearance.

A Tale of Two Recoveries

Source: Charlie Rose | Jan. 15, 2016

“Which jobs report do we pay attention to as a sign about the economy? Is it the Bureau of Labor Statistics monthly jobs report, or is it the Steve Job’s report, how much Apple is selling on a quarter? And if you’ve looked at those over the past seven or eight years, they’ve been telling radically different stories.” Zachary Karabell, Barry Ritholtz, and Scarlet Fu discuss the U.S.’s uneven economic recovery.


On the economic “disconnect” in the U.S. and China

Source: Charlie Rose | Jan. 15, 2016

Scarlet Fu, Zarachy Karabell, and Barry Ritholtz explain the current disconnect between the stock markets and the economies of the U.S. and China — and question whether we’re headed towards an industrial-led economic recession

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Apple’s Advantage Over Android Embarrasses Google

A recent study by the University of British Columbia (Android Permissions Remistified) shows that four out of five Android users would like the ability to deny permissions for certain functions to applications when they are run. And in that simple statement lies Android’s continuing problem, and one that its biggest competitor has already solved.