How Do You Define Work?

VideoIf you were to look up the word “work” in the dictionary, it would say something along the lines of, “to do something for someone else for pay.” Oftentimes synonyms for work include drudgery, daily grind, and struggle. It is this notion that we have built our organizations on top […]

Why Martin Shkreli’s Price Hike May Hurt Everyone…Including You And The Pharmaceutical Industry

Martin Shkreli’s plans to raise the price of a treatment for Chagas Disease by potentially over 100,000 percent could affect many, many people and sectors, including you, regardless of how healthy you may be right now. And Chagas Disease may affect you more than you realize. In fact, Shkreli’s medication price hikes could end up hurting many industries, most notably the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry. Could this be the ripple that becomes a tidal wave for all?