War, Peace, And Vladimir Putin

Move over, Leo Tolstoy. Vladimir Putin has just come out with his own version of War and Peace. Though unlike the Tolstoyian version, Putin has so far no allies in what he declares is his attack on terrorism and the bombing raids over Syria since September 30. What if he’s the only one getting it right in the war with ISIS?

7 Factors Every Marketer Should Consider Before Extending A Brand

One of the most common growth strategies marketers employ is a brand extension. Whether it’s extending a line of products, like Coke to Diet Coke, or extending a brand outside of its core category, like Arm & Hammer Baking Soda to A&H Deodorant, brand extensions are a commonplace effort designed to help increase relevance among consumers and drive growth.

While the concept of extending beyond a core format or business model may seem simple, it usually ends up being a very complex decision that impacts the entire enterprise. To learn more about the challenges, process and learning associated with extending a brand, I turned to Anne Pritz who is in the midst of leading a brand extension effort as CMO of Sbarro, the world’s sixth largest pizza chain with over 800 eateries globally.

The Third Golden Rule Of Leadership

Well-functioning corporate communities and positive group sentiment are the foundation of the modern workplace. They gather and focus the energies and resources of business organizations in the pursuit of corporate goals. Yet the skills required in fostering these communities are rarely stressed in business schools and textbooks. As discussed in the […]