Is Formula One The World’s Most Sustainable Sport?

Formula One auto racing doesn’t naturally spring to mind when considering which sports are the most sustainable. Others such as cycling, tennis or golf seem more likely candidates than one whose participants race 19 times a year in cars with 1.6 liter V6 turbo engines. However, closer inspection under F1’s […]

Huawei’s Honor Smartphones Zoom in India, Eye US

Bottom line: Strong sales growth for Huawei’s Honor brand in the first half of the year reflects the company’s broader accelerating momentum, and could pose a growing challenge for domestic rival Xiaomi. More new data is showing the growing momentum for smartphone aspirant Huawei, with word that the company’s Honor brand […]

Microsoft Launches Beta Cortana App For Android

One of the promises of Windows 10 is the ability to unite various platforms and streamline the user experience across the PC, mobile devices and even gaming consoles in your living room. Today Microsoft announced the public beta of Cortana for Android to extend that cross-platform functionality to the number […]