Dun & Bradstreet’s CMO On Leading Change In A Dynamic Environment

To get a glimpse into the life of today’s marketers, I’m talking with a variety of CMOs as part of my CMO Insight Series. Interviews include CMOs from large firms (i.e., Jeff Jones from Target), start-up firms (i.e., Brent Walker from C2B Solutions, a healthcare services firm) and different industries (Ken Thewes from Regal Cinemas, Jim McGinnish from Intuit, and Steve Cook from Samsung) . This article focuses on a business-to-business (B2B) perspective with insight from Dun and Bradstreet’s CMO Rishi Dave, the former head of digital marketing for Dell’s B2B enterprise business.

Apple’s New Blueprint For Your Next iPad

There was a point when tablets filled every space in the portfolio, and consumers were spoilt for choice, but over time the market separated like oil and water. With the upcoming launch of the 12.9 inch screened iPad Pro, Apple is ready to play the high price market, comfortable in the decision to sacrifice market share for profit and influence.