In With The In Crowd? The Entrepreneur’s Guide To Crowdfunding (Or Not)

Some entrepreneurs wonder if they should bypass traditional investors and go with crowdfunding, based on the assumption that it’s easier to raise money that way. While it’s true that some successful startups sowed their very prolific seeds through crowdfunding—eventually attracting larger VC money—it may not be the panacea you think it is. Regardless of how regulations evolve, as in anything with entrepreneurs and raising capital, your strategy depends on your objectives.

PETA Becomes Shareholder Of Hermès

Earlier this week it was reported that actress Jane Birkin requested Hermès to take her name off its popular crocodile hide design, which was named after the British actress in the Eighties. What motivated Birkin, was a PETA video which revealed the abuse that takes place at a Texas crocodile […]

Three Reasons Why The London EDITION Is London’s Hottest Hotel

Many glowing words have been written about The London EDITION since it opened nearly two years ago, and rightly so. The Marriott-owned brand and latest stroke of genius from Ian Schrager—the lodging industry’s perennially prolific arbiter of cool—strives to seamlessly blend unrivaled style with peerless service while maintaining a singularly […]

How Philosophy Can Make You A Better Manager

There’s been a lot of handwringing about America’s performance in STEM education lately and increasing concern that we need to step up our efforts.  As the world becomes progressively more technological, so the thinking goes, those without requisite skills will get left behind. Yet Fareed Zakaria disagrees.  In fact, in his new book, In Defense of a Liberal […]