The Bijou and New Technology     

Long the centerpiece of the movie studio’s revenue generating machine, the movie theatre has been undergoing wrenching changes. As a result of technological advances, movie studios continue to explore ways to keep theatres relevant. A brief history is instructive to better understand where things stand today. A replica of the Biograph Theater […]

Baidu May Repurchase $1 Bln Of Shares After Plunge

Baidu, the world’s top Chinese-language Internet search provider, said today its board of directors has authorized a share repurchase program under which the company may buy back up to $1 billion of its stock over the next 12 months. The “proposed repurchases may be made from time to time on the […]

If You Hate Your Job, Read This

When you’re working at a job you hate, it’s easy to focus on the negative — and who could blame you for that? Liz Ryan lays out the positives that a lousy job can give you. Make sure and grab all the good stuff you can before you leave!

Why HP’s New Dress Code Policy Is Ridiculous

VideoIn case you haven’t heard, HP recently sent out a memo to employees with some new dress code guidelines which states that “men should avoid turning up to the office in T-shirts with no collars, faded or torn jeans, shorts, baseball caps and other headwear, sportswear, and sandals and other […]