Kent Hovind’s Battle With IRS – Collateral Damage

VideoKent Hovind returned to Pensacola this week.  He will be serving the last month of the sentence from his 2006 conviction in home confinement before beginning a three-year period of supervised release.  There will be a homecoming party July 11.  You’re invited and can check here for details. My hunch is […]

Will IRS Force Gay Marriage On Conservative Churches?

Keith Edwards post titled Gay marriage ruling, liberal activists, plus the IRS equals big trouble for ‘corporate’ Churches in American Thinker really intrigued me.  His legal analysis is a little confused, but the issue he raises of whether religious organizations might have their exempt status challenged due to resistance to gay marriage […]

Chinese Police Officially Launch Crackdown On Stock Sellers & Rumor Spreaders

Not only has the Chinese regulator specifically asked all listed companies to submit reports, within the next two days, on the measures they will take to prop up their shares, according to the 21st Centruy Business Herald; but, as we warned yesterday, Chinese police have begun a “nationwide action plan” to work with stock regulator CSRC to crack down on now ‘illegal’ stock and futures trading. As SCMP reports, police are checking who sold off Ping An and PetroChina stocks in last 30 minutes of trading July 8 while Government was buying to boost index… Who needs QE? This is worse, much worse…