The Greek Vote

There is an adage in politics that you should never put anything to the vote unless you are sure of the outcome beforehand. On that front, the referendum Greeks will vote in this Sunday is a mistake, because the vote could go either way. If the majority votes No, as […]

Rolex Watches Up The Ante On Service & Warranty To 5 Years

The battle between the top luxury watch makers is truly ongoing, with names such as Rolex, Omega, Audemars Piguet, Breitling, and more each attempting to woo customers with services and perks outside of merely producing the more desirable timepieces. One of the things that makes watches a lot like cars when […]

Why Is the American Dream Dead In The South?

Authored by Matthew O’Brien, originally posted at The Atlantic,

The top 1 percent aren’t killing the American Dream. Something else is—if you live in the wrong place.

Here’s what we know. The rich are getting richer, but according to a blockbuster new study