Facebook Is Now Able To Recognize You Without Even Seeing Your Face

Privacy on Facebook has always been controversial and its latest artificial intelligence algorithm will not be an exception. Facebook’s artificial intelligence team is testing out an algorithm that can recognize people in photos even if they are not looking at the camera. According to New Scientist, the algorithm is able to identify people by […]

Applying New Technologies To Make Remittances Work

The global economy spent approximately $44 billion last year on fees for remittances. Remittances—money sent from one country to another—most often go to low-income households and are proven to reduce the overall poverty of a given nation. They also come with high transaction fees and long transfer delays—significant obstacles to […]

Japan’s Nikkei rises to 15-year high after ‘positive’ Greek crisis talks

Investors’ optimism renewed on Asians markets after hopes rise that Greece will reach deal with international lenders

Japanese shares rose to a 15-year high on Tuesday, and other Asia markets posted gains, amid renewed optimism that Greece will avoid defaulting on its debt after “positive” crisis talks in Brussels on Monday.

Investors in Japan and elsewhere in the region bought back shares after hopes rose that Greece would reach a debt deal with its international lenders later this week and avoid exiting the eurozone.

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