The One Thing Your Company Can Do To Save the World

Anyone who cares about corporate social responsibility should be excited about what the B Corps movement is doing to change the game. B Corp is a certification given to businesses that meet exacting standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency. The nonprofit B Lab describes B Corps as being […]

Outrage In Australia After Senator Defends Tiananmen Massacre

An Australian senator is facing fierce criticism after saying the 1989 Tiananmen crackdown – where hundreds of students and pro-democracy protesters were killed by Chinese military – was “the right thing to do” at the time. The comments by Chinese-born Dio Wang, senator for small but influential Palmer United Party (PUP), who emigrated […]

How Emerging Markets Can Finally Arrive

by John Jullens Throughout much of human history, economic output was firmly yoked to the size of a country’s labor force. Because productivity growth was negligible, the countries with the largest populations, such as China and India, could put the most people to work. They reigned as the world’s largest economies. Things […]

America’s Favorite Bosses In 2015

At Google, billionaire cofounder and CEO Larry Page, 42, eats in the company’s free cafeterias just like the search giant’s other employees, often sharing a table with junior staffers. He also makes a habit of walking around the company’s Mountain View campus. And he’s been a whole-hearted supporter of Google’s […]